Our first Villa with over 900sq m., completed and sold in less than one year.

A new concept of exclusivity with unique architectural projects, tailor-made
at buyer’s choice with the finest qualities and a design that makes the difference.

CORK OAK MANSION is a project of 6 luxury villas in contemporary style in the heart of Altos de Valderrama, Sotogrande, by DUS DESARROLLOS INMOBILIARIOS, a developer with more than 20 years in the sector.

With a track record of 300 homes built and sold in León, Pedro González reinvents his role as a property developer in such a unique environment in an environment as extraordinary as the constructions he envisions in his mind.

Together with the role of the architect Manuel Suárez Estrugo, they revolutionize the aesthetics of Altos de Valderrama, which, until now, had a landscape with a traditional Andalusian character, and which now integrates the open concept and spaces, with minimalistic details,  where the style merges with the nature of the primary materials: concrete, natural stone and wood.

We do not forget the most outstanding comfort, as all the villas are equipped with the latest home automation technology and leading brands in enclosures, electrical appliances and curtains.

villa 95 cork oak mansion living room
design fran silvestre bedroom